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You get excellent vehicles

with low commission

from Japan Auto Auction.
We are a member of Large to Local Auto Auctions all over Japan. We have access to about 220,000 units of
Vehicles every week.We are therefore able to meet your needs by. Our system of Auction Agent Service
make international dealers more benefit ,individual customers could get excellent vehicles with low

System of Auction Agent Service to get excellent car

The System of Auction Agent Service was established to benefit our customers who visited Japan often and buy vehicles
from our company.Through this system, our customers saved on air travel and hotel costs in Japan by placing their orders
directly with us, we then buy vehicle at reasonable prices direct from Japanese Auto Auctions.We will be pleased to offer
this service to our New Customers.

Auction Grade(how read auction assessment report)
Total Assessment

*In:Interior point
*Ex:Exterior point
Grade S(*In:A up *Ex:A up): Under 10000 km done. Within 12 months after first registration. No
scratch and never repair history.

Grade 6.0(*In:A up *Ex:A up): Under 30000km done. Within 36 months after first registration.
Interior and exterior with minor defect.

Grade 5.0(*In:A up *Ex:B up) : Under 50000km done. Exterior with minor defect. Interior with
slightly stains,dirt,glue marks,burnt, and etc,

Grade 4.5(*In:B up *Ex:C up): Under 100000km done. Which is equivalent to 5 points by
performing minor repair. Exterior with several defects. Interior with hole burnt,cracking,rubbing,
discoloration,things such as slightly fading.

Grade 4.0(*In:C up *Ex:D up): Under 150000km done. Interior and exterior both have noticeable
defects, those that require repair.

Grade 3.5(*In:D up *Ex:E up) : Both interior and exterior there are a number of large defects,
those requiring repair, or replacement. Main welding panel replacement vehicles.

Grade 3.0(*In:E up *Ex:E up): Interior and exterior with a large number of large defects that
require replacement. And mechanisms large faulty things.

Grade 2.0: Product having a low value.
Grade 1.0: Disasters car.
Grade RA: Minor repair history car.
Grade R: Repair history car.
Exterior Assessment Grade A: Minor defects.Repair mark of some things
Grade B: Conspicuous a flaw thing. Certain of the crack on front glass and the lamplight. Some big
flaw on the bumper, glass, hood, screen

Grade C: Several conspicuous flaw things. Big flaw. Need to repair again on last repair mark.
Grade D: Many big flaws. Rusting.
Grade E: Some many defects that require replacement. Significantly bad state.
Interior Assessment Grade A: Under 30,000km done. Minor flaw. Some stains, scratches, glue, etc.
Grade B: Several minor flaws. Burnt, cut, tear things.
Grade C: Several conspicuous a flaw thing. Minor repair required. Minor out, torn, burnt hole,
glue marks, and etc.

Grade D: several noticeable flaws. Need to repair again on last repair mark.
Grade E: Clearly bad state. Major components such as dash board, roof, seats etc., that require
Step to bit your vehicles(any vehicle you buy, our auction commission is US$800.00)
Detail of the vehicles You may send us detail of the vehilcles you want to buy by email. Maker,manufactured year,
model number,fuel capacity,transmission,mileage, color etc..
Search it at Auction We search the vehicles at all auction of close days. We send you auction report papers with
photos and full details for your evaluation. (*Grade 4.0 up)Then you choose the suitable one for
you. We advice you price range and likely buying price.
Advance payment Deposit the 50% of vehicle cost and email us the bank slip. After we confirmed your payment you
are entitled to place your bidding. (*Minimum deposit requested US$1000.00/Advance payment
will be a part of total CIF)
Bidding Closing time of bidding is 18:00pm of the day before the auction day. (*Japanese time)
After succeed bidding We will issue you Invoice to enable you to pay final payment. This second payment is calculated
by subtracting the first deposit from the final bidding vehicle price. (*please make final payment
within 3 working days)

Auction commission
Final bidding vehicle price with 10% of Japanese tax
Inspection fee if your country required
Ocean freight to your port
Custom clearance,insurance and handling fee,local transport etc.
Please communicate with us for further information.
























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