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Service and Information

                              1.Pre-shipment Inspection Service

Pre-shipment Inspection is required before boarding the vehicle by the certain countries such as Kenya,Tanzania,Uganda,Zambia and Mozambique. We arrange inspection behalf of importer. Inspection report  will be sent to importer with B/L.
Inspection institute URL Destination country
ATJ http://www.autoterminal.co.jp Jamaica
EAA https://eaa-s.jp Tanzania,Uganda
INTERTEK http://www.intertek.com Mozanbique,
JAAI http://www.jaai.or.jp Kenya,Tanzania,Mauritius
JEVIC http://www.jevic.com Uganda,Zambia
QISJ http://www.qisjp.com Kenya
OMIC http://www.omicnet.com/index.html.ja
COTECNA http://www.cotecna-inspection.com
SAFETY TECH http://www.safetytech.co.jp Cameroon
SGS JAPAN http://www.sgsgroup.jp
NTC http://www.ntc-japan.co.jp Nigeria,Cameroon,Guinea,Mali
BV JAPAN http://www.bureauveritas.jp Angola
                              2.Shipment Progress Service

To Africa it takes more than one or two months your Car or Container arrive at discharge port. Customerneed to know the position of their car or container,also need certain information for preparing import. Weprovide all necessary information as quick as we can.
Progress Service

Sample image

Information of your Car or Container

For the vehicles both shipping by Roro
and Container,we provide the Export
certificates and full pictures.For  the
container loading,we provide full
products  pictures and lists.


Information of your Inspection report

JAAI,JEVIC,INTERTEK etc.,after they
have inspected the vehicles, we send
their reports immediately.Other vehicles
which not require certain inspection
from   your country,we provide the
Auction inspection reports.

Management of the vessel position

The vehicles sailed by Roro and
Container,we manage their position on
the ocean until arrive the port of

Review your Document

1)Bill of landing

2)Final Invoice / Packing list

3)Export certificate

4)Inspection report

5)Insurance certificate

Tracking Document  

We trace the location of Documents by
AWB(airway bill) Number such as DHL,
EMS,Fedex. You can tracking it by
website 24 hours.


                              3.Steering Conversion Service (RHD to LHD)

Toyota Harrier, its steering changed from RHD to LHD,then shipped to Nigeria.

                                    4.Support & FAQs  

General Questions
Q1.I'm not a car dealer.
But can I buy cars as an individual buyer?
Yes.You can buy a car as individual customer.
Q2.What does FOB price mean?
FOB means Free on Board,FOB is cost of product such as  the  
car  or the auto parts.
Q3.How much I need to pay without FOB?
We will quote ocean freight,shipping charge,insurance,and  
inspection fee if necessary.
Q4.How much I need to pay after arrive at
our port?

You will pay custom clearing fee, duties,and any extra  
additional  fees.You may contact local authorities or a  
clearing agent for further details.
Q5.How can I know the condition of vehicle?

We don't get vehicles its grade is under 3.0 point from  
Japanese  Auto Auction. Beside pre-inspection report show  
the condition of vehicle. We show you full pictures of the  
Q6.I could not find the car what I need in
your stock list,so waht can you do?
We can supply you the exact car what you are looking for  
from  Auto Auction all over Japan.
Q7.How can I know my country's regulation? Visit top page on our website. If your country is not in our  
website, let us know by email.
Q8.Can you deliver the car up to my door? No.Your local agent can arrange transport up to your house.
Q9.How long it takes the car delivered to
my  place?
Depend on the location of your port. To Africa it takes one  or
two  months vessel arrived to port. We can estimate  arrival
time for you.

Buying and money transfer
Q1.How much should pay at first?
100% of CIF amount.Only the  regular customer is allowed to  
pay  70% advance, 30% balance is after vessel sailed.
Q2.Can I pay with Western Union,Money
Gram, Credit card or PayPal?
No.We accept only through Bank Remittance.In case of  you  
have  Bank transfer problem please let us know.
Q3.What currrencies do you accept? US$ or Japanese Yen.
Q4.Which day's exchange rate do you  
Our Invoice indicate the amount in US$ or Yen with date of  
Q5.What is the step of shipping after paid?
As soon as we received money we arrange pre-shipment-
inspection  or book  a  shipping vessel.

Q1.What is the consignee detail?
We need the full name or company name of  importer with  
address,telephone,and email.
Q2.Can you change the consignee name  
after booked a shipping vessel?

We are able to amend it on B/L before vessel sails. Extra  fee
would be on you. In case of after vessel sailed we talk with  
shipping line. After arrived at  your port we can't  do any
amendment on BL.
Q3.Which postal company do you use to  
ship  documents?
We mostly ship documents by DHL.We use EMS to some  
Q4.What documents will I receive?
1)Final Invoice 2)Bill of Landing 3)Inspection report 4)
Insurance  certificate 5)Export certificate
Q5.Can I trace the position of my document? We send the DHL tracking number to you. You can trace it  
on DHL  website anytime.
Q6.I have received the first original B/L and  
second original B/L,where is the third original?
We,shipper hold the third original B/L.
In case of  amendment required on B/L.

Contaner Loading Service
Q1.How many vehicles can be contained in  
20ft and 40ft container?
Six units of complete cars can be contained in 40ft  container.
Depend on the combination of vehicles, please  ask us.
Q2.Can I load Auto parts and other products  
with vehicles in my container?
Yes.Please let us know your planning of assortment.
Q3.Can you get other Japanese products for  
We try to get any Japanese products what you need,except  
out of  export regulation such as used batteries.
Q4.How many days should I wait for all  
products for 40ft container be ready?
In one month.
Q5.Can I look all products and under loading  
Yes.We send full pictures of products and loading them.
Q6.I want to see past container loading  
We always uploaded our container loading on our facebook.

Visit Japan to purchase products
Q1.Can I come to Japan and check my 
products before ship?
Yes.You are welcome to come to our office and yard to  
make sure  your products are in good condition.
Q2.Can I go to Auto Auction and bit with you?
Yes.We will take you to Auto Auction,you may choose the  
vehicles  and products by yourself.
Q3.Where can I stay in Japan? We provide weekly or monthly rental hotel near our yard.
Q4.What language do you speak in business?
We speak primarily English and Japanese, but it's possible  
to  discuss in other languages.

























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